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Super Hide IP

Super Hide IP is a utility that allows you to surf the web anonymously
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Super Hide IP is a utility that allows you to surf the web anonymously, hiding your real IP address. The main goal of such applications is to protect users from the threats they are exposed to when browsing the web, such as identity theft, credit card fraud, or hackers intrusion. What this application does is mask your real IP address, assigning a fake IP from virtually any country you choose.

Using Super Hide IP is very straightforward. After a quick setup, it integrates with your web browser (Firefox, Opera, IE), and is ready to use. The app consists of a simple window that shows your real IP, and a few buttons on the left to access its different options. To hide your IP you simply click the Hide IP button and in a few seconds you will be assigned to a new IP address. If you click on Check IP, the program will launch your web browser and take you to a page showing your new IP that is now visible from Internet.

The application works quite well, however, it should be said that the connection speed slows down considerably. So, it serves for some specific purposes, like testing or when you need to surpass some sort of restriction, but not for everyday web browsing.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Very easy to use
  • Integrates with most web browsers
  • Serves its main purpose


  • Very slow
  • No integration with Google Chrome
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